Vortex Coil Headband


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For activating your 3rd eye, NOTHING is more powerful than a Vortex Coil headband!

The Right Handed Vortex Coil headband is more about amplification and outward projection of energy from your 3rd eye.

The Left Handed Vortex Coil headband is more about amplification and inward projection of energy into your 3rd eye.

The Vortex Coils are manufactured and hand polished in Italy and then shipped to the United States. Once in the United States, they are hand woven into headbands by expert macrame artist Michael Bergman in Pennsylvania and then they are shipped to their final destination. Headbands in the picture are excellent examples of Michael's work, but your design may vary based on Michael's artistic intuition and creative spirit at the time when your headband is made.

***PLEASE NOTE: Because of this four step process, it may take up to 60 days for you to receive your headband.***

3rd eye activation is guaranteed! Wear a Vortex Coil headband for a full 30 days and you will experience 3rd eye activation OR return it in good condition for a full refund.

Price Includes S&H from Pennsylvania to anywhere in the world.


Dimensions: Vortex Coil - 46mm wide x 16mm tall

Headband - approximately 1" wide x 22" long

Weight: ~ 1 troy ounce

Materials: Vortex Coil - 925 Sterling Silver

Headband - Nylon Cord

$475 In stock
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